Having pioneered the short supply chain that the state works upon, a large range of organic produce is sourced from the farms and brought to your doorsteps at their freshest best within a few hours! Taking convenience to the next level!

This system ensures no middleman handling fees and the money directly goes into the farmer’s bank account. This way, we take care of our farmers – the state’s economical backbone.

We have extensively done our homework to find great partners to support us in our endeavor. We have walked on the farms which source our foods and we have broken bread with the farmers; we proudly call our suppliers our friends rather than business partners. This way we lead them into the world of information technology without having to give up their humble roots and their loyal nature.

They are seen as collaborators who share our vision, our values and our passion to keep the state walking on the journey of organic living.
We also take care of details by plunging into selecting the best seeds that will grow the best tomatoes or things like rearing the healthiest chicks in the perfect temperature. We dig deep into means that will produce the most organic, freshest and the healthiest produce to be served at your table.

Our custom software knows the shape size and the location of every item served in every order. So as soon as produce arrives from the farm, we make sure to double-check the aspects of the produce, pack them for you faster and have it delivered to you in fresh health. Our packaging is uniquely designed so as to keep meat fresh, eggs whole and avocados bruise-free.


We are friends with some of the best growers, producers, and makers in Sikkim. In these uncertain times, small local businesses have taken the most hits, with our endeavor we pledge to support local businesses and rebuild our local economies. When you buy these products, you are giving back to the most essential members of our community.